Thursday, November 1, 2007

Something's Fishy

I've got a lot of links to put up here, there's a lot of cooking blogs I check out along with my usual ones from my "normal" blog of Alaskan Dave Down Under.

Before I get the page all gussied up with cool banner pics and links to all my favourite cookin' blogs and pages, I figured I should get some sorta recipe up so that y'all know I'm not just blowin' smoke when I says I can cook.

We'll start easy...

Basted Fish Fillets

This sauce is best with some kind of white fish fillet --as opposed to an oily one.  Hoki, Hake, Whiting, Perch, or anything like them is perfect.

What you need:

4 fish fillets (one per person)
1/2 cup of olive oil
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp ground black pepper
1/4 cup lime juice
1/4 cup lemon juice
1 tbsp dried tarragon

What you do:

Note: If the fish has the skin still on, then you won't need to turn them.

Crank up your grill hotplate or a large fry pan to a high temp. Put the fish on, skin side down (if the fillets have skin). Mix all the other stuff in a bowl and whisk for about 20 secs (or until an emulsion forms, shouldn't take more than 20 secs with a whisk --don't use a fork or you'll never get the emulsion to form).

Spoon a tbsp or so over each fillet, then turn* each fillet once they've been on the grill for only 30 to 40 secs (if your fillets have skin, don't turn them, just turn the heat down some).

*Make sure you turn each fillet BEFORE it's flaky, otherwise it could end up in little bitty fish flakes all over your hot plate.

Drench each turned (or unturned if skin on) fillet with the rest of the sauce. In about two to three minutes the fish is done.

Plate 'em and serve while hot.

Note: The cooking times are for a 1 cm thick fillet, obviously thicker ones will take longer with a lower heat. Fish is done when the flesh goes from transparent to opaque and becomes flaky --Don't overcook! Also, DON'T use a basting brush for the sauce otherwise you'll break the fish apart as it cooks.

There'll be more coming as time progresses (if time starts going backwards then I'll start deleting posts, no worries).

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