Monday, February 18, 2008

Fake chocolate moose

I actually do make real chocolate mousse (moose), but if you are in a hurry and need to impress someone quickly with a dessert, then this is for YOU.

Whut u knead:

600 mls (2 1/2 cups) fresh whipping cream (or thickened cream)
3/4 (or so) cup of sugar
3/4 (or so) cup of cocoa powder
small piece of dark cooking chocolate
3 fresh strawberries*

Whut u due:
Put the first 3 thingies into a mixing bowl. Then mix it with an electric mixer till it's very very stiff. Spoon that into a pie dish (note: it makes a cool splat sound coming off a spoon) and smooth the top.

Slice the strawberries and stick them artfully into the top so that about half of each slice is sticking up.

Shave the chocolate (just use a big kitchen knife, easy stuff) and sprinkle liberally over the top.

That's it! Serve it up and call it done. I recommend serving it with a glass of chocolate liquer on the side --yummy.


Suzer said...

Chocolate mouse is one of my favourite desserts, righ tnext to rice pudding, so while this one looks awesome, I'd be very keen to see your 'more complex' recipe.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Ah! The real one involves cooking and cooling/setting overnight. The Fake one is for the "Oh, Crap! I need a dessert for 10 people in 5 minutes!" type one.

I'll have to go find the real/complex recipe for you, hang tight for a bit.