Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Every once in a while I go off on a complete tangent to what I was thinking of. Actually, it happens pretty darned often. So much so that the clan household is used to it by now. Maybe perhaps y'all are? If not, too bad!

Did you know I make my own sauces? Well, now you do.

OT: Isn't the german language great? Depending on which form of 'you' is used they can be taking about a singular you, or a collective you. Bummer that english don't have that... guess that's why I use y'all a lot, eh?

See??!!?? I warned "you".

Back to sauces...

I just discovered a great way to make wasabi mayonnaise!

A couple of decades ago (off on one of my tangents) I was talking to a friend (drinking buddy) about making spicy tartar sauce from scratch. She said it's easier than that; just chuck in however much chili powder you want to regular tartar sauce and mix it up. Please note, many of my drinking buds were female :)

So before any of "you" say to just take some mayo and stir in some wasabi paste, let me just say that I've thought of and tried that. The following is much better and only takes a min or two.

Wasabi Mayo

What you need:

2 egg yolks (3 if you've got tiny chooks)
2 tbsp lemon juice
2 tsp wasabi paste (or more if you'd like)
1/2 cup olive oil (I use extra virgin, fresh, cold-pressed cus I'm snooty)

What you do:

If your second food processor is really small, then use that. Don't try it in a regular sized one, there just ain't enough to get to set right. If you don't have a small food processor, then just use one of them handheld electric mixer thingy-ma-bobs. Heck, it's easier to clean too.

Anyways... put the first 3 ingredients (that's a fancy chef word meaning stuff you add to make something taste good) in your small food processor and process for 30 seconds or so till it's kinda creamy. Then pour in the olive oil in a thin stream while the blade is running. GAH! Why does everyone use that fraze "while the blade is running" when talking about adding liquids (or some solids) to a food processor???? Don't ya think we know by now? How can a blade "run" anyway? Doesn't it spin? Whoops, there I am on my soapbox again...

Anyways, pour in the olive oil into the food processor bowl while the motor on the food processor is running so that the blades are spinning. Process for about a minute till it's smooth and creamy.

This goes very well spread on bread. It's great for sandwiches. If you have a stuffy nose, then just add more wasabi, but I don't recommend snorting it!

This is good, really.


Kentucky Girl said...

I pink puffy heart wasabi mayo. :( It makes me want to cry coz it hurts my feelings by being so yummy. LOL!

We're even snootier...we only buy locally pressed from locally grown olives. :D And it is cheap! Family owned and they don't have a cash register, they keep the money they take in a cigar box inside a giant roll top desk. I luff them.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

KG: Yeah, Wasabi is good stuff!

Isn't it amazing in every wine growing region there's olives too? It's the same down here! Up at Cherry Gardens (rural), there's a local olivery (new word?). You have to go through a side gate in the hedge to go around back of the house to get in :) My kinda place!