Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cheesy Steamed Cauliflower

This is a main dish. Yes, that's right. It'll feed 3 hungry adults --provided they all like cauliflower, of course. It's dead easy to make and is quick. Heck, I'll bet even Ishmael could make it (but I doubt he'd eat it).

Here's what u knead:

one big ole cauliflower
1 litre full cream milk
1/2 cup cream
1 cup white wine
ground white pepper
2 to 3 cups grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup minced onion
corn flour (corn starch for you yanks)

What to due:

Cut the cauliflower up into large sized chunks --depends on the size of your steamer, the chunks should be as big as you can make them and still fit into the steamer. Don't forget to steam the greens too, very tasty and nutritious!

They'll need to steam for a good 30 mins and the sauce only takes 10 mins. That'll give you an idea of when to start the sauce. The sauce really makes this dish, yum!

Put the milk, cream, and white wine in a large saucepan heat it slowly. Keep the flame low as you don't want to scald the cream, but you should be able to get it bubbling without burning it. Add 1/2 tsp sea salt, and a few good shakes to white pepper --this is to YOUR taste.

Once the sauce in simmering, start sprinkling in the corn starch (corn flour for you Aussies) while whisking like crazy. Once the sauce is as thick as you like it (it should be fairly thin for this so that it soaks into the cauliflower) then add the minced onion and the CHEESE. Mmmmmmmm, cheese... drooooo-al...

Turn the heat off the sauce and let it sit for a few mins while you plate up the big cauliflower chunks. Liberally ladle the sauce over the cauliflower and use some process to get the food from your plate into your stomach.

Use a beer instead of the white wine
Use some cayenne powder
Use some garlic
Use some bleu cheese along with the cheddar
Parmesan along with the cheddar works well too
Serve with piping hot, soft, fresh, homemade bread (with lots of butter)



Arvay said...




BTW, I recently learned, to my horror, that the majority of Asians are lactose intolerant. I now feel *particularly* blessed. Damn, I'm lucky! Dodged a bullet that was headed straight for me!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Cheese is gooooood! Whoever that unknown nomad in the mid-east was quite a few thousand years ago who stored his (or her) milk in a calfs stomach carry bladder and then found out he (or she) had curds and whey instead of cheese should be elevated to sainthood!

I've read studies that show that over 90% of folks who think they are lactose intolerant (LI) really aren't. Like my brother! He thinks he's LI, but just loves pizza with extra cheese. One time when he visited me in FAI I made authentic beef stroganoff (lots of cream in it!) and he cleaned his plate and had seconds. How can someone who thinks they are LI eat that much cream?

Also (IMO) I feel one of the reasons LI is reported more in asian cultures is their traditional view that milk is for babies only and it shows immaturity for adults to have it. Again, just my thoughts about milk and cheese in Asian culture. I could be dead wrong.

I saw one of the Iron Chef episodes where Kaga had the theme ingredient of MILK! Chen was the Iron Chef (I forget who was the challenger), but Chen (Japanese of Chinese descent) had no trouble at all using it and making some great dishes.

I need to do a blog post about cheese... hmmmmmmm...

Arvay said...

Pizza is like the great equalizer. So many people say, "I don't like blahblah, but I'll eat it on pizza." :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That's a darned good point! I also know of lot's of folk who'll only eat certain things if it's on "pizza" but nothing else. Like, what gives?

I made two homemade pizzas last night... one with bbq sauce (made it myself) and the other with my own (tm) pizza sauce.

BBQ ground 'roo meat (kangaroo) featured on both... drool...

Dangummit! I need to do a pizza post! It's all your fault, Arvay!

Arvay said...

Oh I made a salmon, bbq sauce, red onion, and tomato pizza over the summer! It was awesome! I was surprised I'd like a cheeseless pizza, considering I generally use pizza specifically as a vehicle for cheese... Hey that's a new one... I like cheeselessness, but only on pizza!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

That salmon pizza sounds great! Salmon is pretty darned expensive down here, so I only use the fresh stuff for nigiri sushi. Smoked salmon is very very very very pricey down here... sigh... We can get canned Alaskan Salmon at a good price, so I use that for many things (including maki sushi).

Cheeselessnes... Hmmm, I think you've just coined a new culinary term! Good on ya, mate!

I need to post a bruschetta recipe... homemade dough, no sauce, little bit of cheese, and loads of herbs and thin sliced tomatoes.

I'll try to get that up while I work on my umpteen-part treatise: A Brief History of Cheese.

BTW, did you know you can cook pizza on the grill? It's actually pretty simple once you get the hang of getting the dough cooked juuuuust right before flipping it and adding the rest of the goodies. :)