Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Call for HELP!

I need some input from all 4 of my ever faithful readers. See, when I'm out grocery shopping it's pretty darned hard for me to go past a really damned good bargain.

See, here's proof:

chili peppers 01

That's 99 cents aussie for 500 grams, or equal to 72 cents US per pound. But just what's in the bag? Glad you asked:

chili peppers 02

Lots and lots of chil(l)i peppers! Well, ok, there was one capsicum (bell pepper) in the bag too. See, here they are all spread out:
chili peppers 03

These suckers are pretty darned big:
chili peppers 04

Now, I've got many ideas as to what to do with them. In fact one of them will be used as my side dish to the Malaysian Squid & Prawn Curry I'll be making for dinner. Ummmm, the other folks in the house are treating these puppies like they are toxic! Well, that's one way to get them out of my kitchen, eh?

So, what's y'alls ideas? Any suggestions? I'll be pickling at least one, and drying the bell pepper, btw.

Chili Relenos (sp????) come to mind... does anyone have a good batter for that dish?


Suzer said...

Hello, make some chili..kangaroo chili, or some other type of mince chili, or even veggie chili (I have recipes for all on my blog).

RunninL8 said...

Chop em up and put em on pizza! I have an awesome dough recipe!

Arvay said...

I don't know how you can eat anything spicy in your hot climate! If I lived where you live, I'd eat nothing but cucumbers and watermelons!

How hot are those? It's difficult to tell by looking. You could cut them in half, stuff them with something nice (like bread crumbs and cheese, or ground meat and herbs, or cheese with herbs, or cheese with cheese, or cheese), and roast or grill them.

Arvay said...

I got blood oranges at Freddie's for $1.60 a pound. What a steal! I don't care for blood oranges in particular over regular oranges, but I like $1.60 a pound!

Produce isn't as expensive there as it is in Fairbanks, is it? Couldn't be!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

To all: Oi! We all think alike --scary, yes I know... I was planning on all those. I'll be putting up a post about the recipes I'm using and replies to y'all, no worries.

Suzer said...

P.S. I got a big $1 bag of peppers from central market the other day...sweet, not hot. Roasted them with some potatoes mixed in olive oil, paprika and thyme, and then made some cheesy scrambled eggs to go with. Perfect Saturday brekky! The leftover roasted peppers went into 'the kambrook' with some tomatoes, oregano and lime juice as a salsa for my chicken liver kebabs.

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Suzer: Dang that sounds tasty! Everything about that sounds tasty! My gosh, someone else who's made chicken liver kebabs :)