Monday, May 4, 2009

Mysost is Whey-ing on my mind

... and a mind is a terrible thing to wheyst. I'm so funny!

Ok, let me be serious. How many of you have no idea what to do with the whey from your cheesemaking? Show of hands? A plethora of comments, perhaps? Hmmmmm, ok, guess not.

Here's what I like to do with the whey:

1) Drink it straight-up

2) Use it as a soup base --tangy and tasty

3) Make bread with it

4) Add a bit of mint and drink it chilled on a hot day

5) Make ricotta cheese

6) Pancakes

Here's some other things you can do with the whey:

1) It makes great feed for pigs, chooks, and probably skijoring dogs and fuzzy bunnies

2) You can make Mysost cheese

Mysost cheese??? What the heck is that? Well, I'll save you some googling and tell you that it originated in two Scandinavian countries; Sweden and Norway. Danes also make it, as do many people 'round the big ole woil nowadays.

I've personally never made it, but I'm going to making another 2 pounds of Feta cheese tomarra' (aussie slang, sorry) so I'll have loads of whey left.

Apparantly there are many different wheys to make Mysost. Some add cream, some don't. Some put it into cheese molds, some don't.

Let's go with the two simple ones, shall we?

I'll be dividing tomarra's whey into two batches, and each of those will be divided again, so I'll end up with 4 different types of Mysost. Cool, eh? Oh, and 2 pounds of fresh, homemade Feta.

Here's the "procedure" that I'll be doing.

Each batch will have a half gallon of whey. One batch will have cream added, the other won't. After each batch has been boiled down, then I'll take half out of each to refridgerate and then boil down the rest and pour into molds.

I'll be putting up a post about making Feta and all the accoutrements you'll be needing, and then I'll put up the post about how to make Mysost. Mysost is (supposedly) simple and easy to make, but I don't want to tell you about till I've had a go at it.


Arvay said...

I can't wheyt to try that!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Punny, very funny :)