Monday, April 5, 2010

Today I am making...

Jellied Ox Tongue!

I'll be taking pictures throughout the process for you, no worries. And then I'll put up the "how to" post in 2 days as it has to set in the fridge overnight to jelliefy.

This should be seriously tasty and I'll have a serious amount of it. And I have plans for all of it too! See, I won't be pickling or heavily seasoning the ox tongue so that when I need some beef for a stir fry or whatever, I can just slice off a hunk of the jellied tongue.

Ingenious, eh?

Dinner tonight will be homemade deep pan pizza with shredded pork and whatnot for toppings. But you probably don't want to hear about that...

Anyways, stay tuned in a couple of days for the process of jellying ox tongue! 


It appears I have a corned ox tongue to begin with. That's fine, it's just an old fashioned way of curing meat with salt. It also means the "sweetbreads" will probably have been removed, along with the little bones at the base of the tongue.

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