Monday, November 29, 2010

Australian Italian Sausage Rolls

Remember back in July when I made Aussie bacon n sausage rolls for you? And do you remember that I said they aren't the traditional style of Aussie sausage rolls? Well, this one is much more the traditional way as it uses bulk sausage meat instead of formed sausages.

Just go back to the July post, have a quick squizz at it then come on back here. I'll wait, no worries.

You're back already? That was quick.

Just to let you know, I didn't measure anything for this, which is coincidentally another Aussie tradition! And I Slape n Sons sausage meat. Made locally here in Adelaide, very tasty, and inexpensive.

Australian Italian Sausage Rolls

What you need:
About 500 grams bulk sausage meat
1 tsp (or thereabouts) ground white pepper
1 tbsp (or so) fennel seeds
small handful of finely minced onion
3 sheets of puff pastry

What you do:

I could very easily describe this in one rather short paragraph but that wouldn't be fair to you as it's been a wee will since I posted anything here. So how about I string it out for a bit using ten (10) pretty pictures? Yes, how about I do that.

Firstly, make sure you have everything needed at hand:

Next mince up the onion and half-grind the fennel seeds in your mortar. Add that plus the white pepper to a large bowl.

And then plop in your sausage meat.

Now mix it all together thoroughly. Just use your hand and start squeezin' till it looks like this:

Toss it into your freshly seasoned and brand new thin-walled, polished, cast-iron 15 inch wide wok and light a fire under it. Make sure you break apart the sausage as it cooks, but you probably woulda guessed that part. Here it is halfway cooked:

And here it is fully cooked.

Make sure you drain the meat well.

Take a thawed pastry sheet and cut it into fourths. Put some of the drained meat onto one quarter...

...and then roll it up. I ended up with 13 rolls from one pound of sausage meat. Here's one tray filled with 8 of them.

Bake em in a hot oven till they look like this:
These were cooked at 190 C in a fan-forced, gas oven for around 25 minutes.

Let them cool, bag em up, toss in the freezer. Tada! Sausage rolls for the week. Enjoy.


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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Arvay: I think these would be the perfect snack food in the winter up there. When Wifey-Poo first visited US she was very surprised not to be able to find a sausage roll, meat pie, nor crumpet anywheres so I'm doing my best to pass on Aussie food to y'all.

Make these, you'll be happy!