Friday, November 16, 2007


Yep, I think the title of this post deserved to be in caps! I LOVE sushi, and I've gotten quite good at making it. Alas, this post is not concerning how to make various kinds of sushi, but it's some pics of various sushi platters I've made.

If anyone if interested in how to make various types of sushi, then post a comment and I'll do a post on sushi making, no worries.

Sooooo, on with the pics:

There are 3 different kinds of fish in this: salmon, hoki, and smoked cod. It does require a much different technique than a regular roll to get the interior seaweed layout.

This platter has lots and lots of different goodies.  The empty bowl is for the soy sauce which I poured after the platter was moved to the table.

The green beans were steamed and then sliced lengthwise, I think it adds a nice texture to the whole plate. The rolls had basa and avocado, and the others were tuna, salmon, and smoked cod.

I included this one to show you something different: the green glop on the top of the rolls is my special guacamole sauce --yes, sushi chefs would cringe...

As I said, lemme know if'n any of y'all are interested in making your own; it's really quite simple once you get the hang of it.


Kentucky Girl said...

Uhm, I'll be right over, k? Have those made, plz. Oh and uhm, make sure they're small, I hate the big rolls...they are too hard to eat and make me gag on the nori. :P

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I'll make sure the pool temp ain't over 92 F either. Is that okey-dokey with you?

Anonymous said...

ooh pretty! you made me hungry now. I think I will have to have sushi for lunch today:)