Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chocolate Log Cabin Part 4

This is the Fourth and Final Fragmented Featurette of the saga of Dingo Dave's Chocolate Log Cabin, at the end of Year 4705.

I'm sure y'all will be looking forward to my next entry. Chilli Cherry Chutney!

But in the meantime, how's abouts we add some ice and snow to that thar cabin we wuz werkin' on last time. Remember though, if you've just stumbled into this blog and are totally lost, then read these: Cabin part 1, cabin part 2, and cabin part 3.

Ok: icycles!

You'll need about 1/2 pound of white milk chocolate. Melt it in the nuu-queue-lerr machine (microwave) as per instruction in part 2. And then (this is the important part) let it cool till you can juuuuust stir it. Otherwise the icycles won't form when you spoon it onto the over-hanging roof rafters.

See, this is what I mean:
chocolate log cabin 30

And don't worry about any "ice" on the "ground" around the cabin, it just makes the snow taste good!
chocolate log cabin 31

And make sure you get the back rafters too
chocolate log cabin 32

It's now time to make it snow! This involved a litre and a half of heavy whipping cream, one cup (or so) of raw sugar, and then the heck beat out of it until it was very stiff! Here's a pic of the bowl in front of the cabin:
chocolate log cabin 33

Then slather the snow over the roof using a flexible rubber spatula
chocolate log cabin 34

Pile the leftover "snow" around the outside of the cabin
chocolate log cabin 35

And don't forget to shovel out the front door!
chocolate log cabin 36

Next time I'll use a lot more cream! I'll make a whole snowfield around the cabin, a woodpile, a chimney, a dog yard, and (of course) an outhouse. Stay tuned for that!

It was then time to eat this sucker! It took the four of us chocolate lovers 2 and a half days to polish it off. Mmmmmmmmmm...

Here's some pics of the carnage:

chocolate log cabin 37

chocolate log cabin 38

chocolate log cabin 39

chocolate log cabin 40

chocolate log cabin 41

chocolate log cabin 42

chocolate log cabin 43

chocolate log cabin 44

chocolate log cabin 45

chocolate log cabin 46

Mmmmmmmmmmm... chocolate... mmmmmmmm...

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Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Did NO ONE get the year 4705? Arvay, how about you?